BMC QATAR is committed to meeting its fundamental obligations to shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers. This commitment is based on four, fundamental precepts stating that the company will:

I. Maintain and enforce high standards of ethical conduct
Relationships will be based on honesty, trust, fairness and respect
Operations will be conducted in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and in an environmentally responsible manner
Community needs will be met proactively and responsibly

II. Maintain a strong “quality work environment” and demonstrate care for every employee
Employees will be treated fairly and with respect
Employees will be offered competitive wages and benefits, good working conditions and rewards for success
Workplace diversity will be supported as a corporate priority
Communications with employees will be clear, direct and timely
Teamwork and collaboration, learning and personal growth will be encouraged
Promotion from within will be practiced whenever possible

III. Attract and retain consumers and customers with products and services of consistently superior quality and value
Customer needs will drive our efforts to win more contracts in the marketplace with superior services and a competitively-advantaged technical solutions

IV. Maintain a prudent, results-oriented approach to business that builds superior shareholder value over the long-term
Discipline, focus, personal accountability and a passion for succeeding will be encouraged and rewarded
Challenging business objectives will be set to ensure a steady rate of real growth, while maintaining the financial strength of the company
Profitable growth will be pursued while maintaining excellence in our existing business
Growth opportunities will be sought actively within and outside the company in areas which capitalize on BMC QATAR’s immense strengths
Positions of market leadership will be pursued
We shall continue to create an environment throughout the company which causes this philosophy to become a way of life.